Background Check Information

Background Check for Both Recreational and Competitive Coaches
(Also used by all club team managers)

This background check is done yearly. All coaches including assistants must do this. Team managers should do the same. This gives access to online rosters and team communication through the website. It must be completed prior to coaches getting the team roster and before anyone can take the field with the team.

The Procedure is as follows:

  1. Click on Member Log In
  2. Choose either "Sign In" or "Become a Member" at the top
    1. For "Sign In" fill in username and password and click "Sign In"
    2. For "Become a Member" complete the requested information and click "Submit"
  3. Click on Register Now
  4. Recreational Coaches choose "Recreational Coaches"/Competitive Coaches choose "Competitive Coaches"
  5. Complete all requested information

Background Check for All Competitive Coaches
(Also to be used by Competitive Team Managers and Board)

This Background Check is every two years. All coaches, assistant coaches and team managers must do this. It must be completed prior to you getting your team roster and before you take the field with your team. This Background check gets you your US Club Card.

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Read information
  3. Click on link for Staff Background Check Application.(in Blue)
  4. In "Registration Type" box select Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager as appropriate (it's OK that it says 11-12)
  5. Click "Go"(this is the weblink for this page)(it's OK that it says 11-12)
  6. For Choose Type of Membership check "Club"
  7. A list will appear to the right for Club--Select Northeast United Soccer Club #4294.
  8. Fill in remainder of personal information (If you previously did background check, you can put in your previous confirmation number)
  9. Read Agreement and Click on "Agree"
  10. Click on "Submit" Retain your confirmation number for future use. We cannot assign you to a team or complete the team registration until this is done.

Submit a copy of this confirmation to:

If you have questions regarding registration process contact: