Criteria/Guidelines for Competitive Coaching Positions

The Club takes the following into account when considering someone for a competitive coaching position:

  • Number of years as a coach;
  • Number of years coaching specific age groups;
  • Coaching or assistant coaching at high school, club or possibly college level;
  • Personal playing experience - played competitive, high school, and/or possibly college level;
  • License minimum: E with goal of getting D within the year (subject to licensing class availability);
  • Coaching style and philosophy as a fit for NEU teams:
    • Develop player skills instead of winning at any cost
    • Understands development attention needed for various age groups
    • Understands and accepts club priorities of School, Family, Soccer
    • Able to adhere to Club Coaching Policy: Safety, Conduct, Parent Communication, etc.

See Coaching Criteria Policy and Coaching Policy for more detail.

If you are interested in coaching at the competitive level with the Northeast United Soccer Club, please contact: Manolis Tjuanakis